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Can he be America's Hitler?

One of the most poignant warning signs in history is the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. It also is unfortunately one of the easiest to ignore. Polluted by our own sense of divine like humanistic narcissism, societies far too often refuse to asses their own propensity to horror. Putting faith in human systems of checks and balances, we like to think that we are above the "evil" of "others", failing of course to remember that the madness of Germany happened in a democratic country. Hitler is suppose to be a mirror, to show us what each and every one of us are capable of becoming in a climate of fear and anger, and that no amount of modernism, progression or social evolution can ever hope to remove the potential for human beings to be evil. The greatest lie that has ever been told, and will continue to be told, is human progress. Systems of government and our judicial guardians can melt in the heat of social anger and unrest. Hundreds of thousands of Jewish citize…