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What's This All About Part 2

Warning: The following is a brutally honest, religiously charged article about a 30 year old's Christian experience.

I don't get it. I don't remember completely not believing it. I don't remember completely believing it. I've wandered away from it, beat others up with it, ignored it, immersed myself in it, been saved by it, been lost by it. I've learned from it, but it's confused the hell out of me (or into me). It keeps me up at night, it helps me fall asleep. It makes me angry, cry, laugh, cower and wonder. I love it. Part of me hates it. I've watched it bring people together, I've watched it tear people apart.

When the Bible refers to itself as a "two edged sword", I can't think of a better metaphor. I've spent the better part of a decade slowly biting away in the form of a theology degree on the meal that is Holy Scripture. Last year I went back to college full time after a two year hiatus, and I've had more restless night…

Comment on Oilsands

My good friend Andrew Barley is a huge Neil Young fan. He also happens to live in Fort McMurray and work in the energy sector. Here is what he had to say.

Disclaimer: if you're interested in winning friends and influencing people, don't do what I'm about to do.Dear friends on both sides of the oilsands arguments, we all suck. If you aren't going to be objective in how you deal with the topic of environmental stewardship and the mining of oil, you should probably just stop talking about it. Yes, I get it, Neil young hurt your feelings or you applaud the things he's said. The good/bad news is that your emotions don't matter in the discussion. What matters is objective reasoning and sound science. People need to use FACTS not OPINIONS. Supporters of oilsands(I am one, for the record), you need to accept that there are LEGITIMATE concerns that HAVE to be addressed and stop shoving your fingers in your ears and singing lalala when faced with opposition(that response…

Operation Become Citizen Ninja

As some of you know, on a monthly basis I receive emails from a variety of people for people with the first initial of "M" and the last name Burkholder. Sometimes these emails contain pretty personal information, and I almost always try to contact the "mburkholder" and let them know they are using my email address. Sometimes I have a little bit of fun with them, and this was just too good to pass up. Start from the bottom if you want the context of my message.

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 3:25 PM, Matthew Burkholder <> wrote:
Please remove me from this conversation, you are using an incorrect email address.
Please also tell Mike, or Meredith, or Merlin, or Mandy or whomever is accidentally using my email address to learn their address and stop using mine. However, if this was your way of letting me in on your secret government "Citizen Ninja" workshop, I would be honoured to train in the ways of ninjutsu. 
I am assuming that the chair…

Sunday Thoughts

One people group that Christians love to use as an exam
ple of how not to live are the Pharisees. Jesus challenged their hypocritical lifestyle, and often went toe to toe with how they lived, eventually creating so much tension that these religious leaders sought his execution. It's easy for Christians to point fingers and play the "Pharisee" card when they feel others Christians have missed the mark of true Christian living.

It surprised me to learn that the Pharisees actually were one of the most beloved and popular groups present in 1st century Jewish life. The Pharisees represented the idea that if the people of God lived a pure and holy life, God would rescue them from their Roman overlords. Consider the Pharisees the heroes of the "blue-collar", working class 1st century Jew - they held out hope that God would reward those who lived a righteous life, and punish those who didn't. To add to the confusion, the Pharisees and Jesus seem to have more in comm…