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My Response to "Why I Am a Six-Day Creationist" by Tim Challies

A friend of mine recently started a pretty huge debate regarding evolution on his facebook page. I normally try to stay out of these debates because I find them quite frankly, irrelevant to the Christian faith. There was a time when I spent a lot of time reading and researching the different views, but as I've gotten older, they've seemed like a side show to the gospel.
I am quite aware of the claims by certain fundamentalist that if you reject a literal creation, you somehow undermine the entire truth of scripture. I've sat through several Ken Ham lectures, and read lots of books on creationism, and this is certainly an all or nothing, black or white claim I find extremely frustrating. For this reason, I very much appreciate you saying: "I do not make belief in a six-day creation a necessary mark of orthodoxy or a necessary mark of a Christian." There certainly are people who do, and I appreciate this viewpoint entirely. 

However, I've been wanting to address…

The Invisible Image Welcomes Andrew Barley!

I'm excited to announce that a new author has decided to contribute to The Invisible Image. Andrew Barley is a very close and dear friend to me and I am sure that you will appreciate his thoughts on a variety of subjects.

I am looking forward to reading his work, and I am sure you all will be challenged by what he has to say. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated to keep this blog current!