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It's MTV People...

I am going to make this quick.

I don't really give a crap about MTV. It's about as valuable to me as a sack of garbage.

The fact that MTV has produced cultural gems such as "Jersey Shore" and the like, shows that it is a completely irrelevant television network catering to the lowest form of human entertainment. The generation that supports the tripe trope of sloppy human beings doing stupid things allows neanderthal television producers to keep making ridiculous, morally unrestrained nonsense and slap it on television.

I'm actually mad that I am actually spending time thinking about something that happened on MTV, but there is one aspect to this story that I find strange.

If you find it sad that a young, and once innocent girl could do such a thing on television, I must remind you that every single time you see any women who is degrading herself sexually on television, was once just like young Miley - only instead of staring in a Disney show, she was probably wa…