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Lyrics For a Story (In progress)

These are some lyrics that I have been working with off and on for a year or so now. The music is written, and I would like to finish it in the near future. 

message from a bed the sheets are getting cold washed and separated, placed into a fold memory is getting dim fading thoughts, wrestle you back to him but yours is a story of hope beyond the hurting soul

good mourning man i've seen darkness, in the absence of breath and lonely lovers silence i've heard mourning, when a son is gone i've rarely... felt... you...
(and the scoffers are cutting lines and holding time just to pass me by. and i'm waiting to see who will win the fight and i'm waiting to see who gets drunk tonight and when morning comes i remind myself, grace is sold at a price)
which one has saving faith? which one is saving face? and what does one do, when the world's soul runs dry? but this is the season of the rising tide... (man)
the courtroom
he whispers a prayer, into thin air
"I know tha…

Dealing with Discouragement

Everybody goes through times of discouragement. As a whole, part of the human predicament is feeling insecure about our choices in life. Did I take the right job? Did I buy a house to soon, or too late? Should I start a family? We have the unfortunate task of living in the present, and even the wisest of us can make choices that lead us into places we really don't want to be in.

Maybe right now, you are feeling discouraged about where you are in your life. I know that I personally am.

I have a wonderful family, a beautiful daughter, and an amazing wife. But over the past few years, I have felt the burden of trying to pursue personal goals, and coming up short with the resources to do so.   All in all, I am an unskilled, uneducated, almost thirty year old man, who feels like he has no idea what he is doing in life. The more I talk to people, the more I realize I am not alone. As we grow older, life becomes more complicated. I have a family that relies on me. I am simply not free to …

Dr. Peter Kreeft - Christian Anthropology vs. the Sexual Revolution

I came across a very brief but excellent video from Dr. Kreeft on the sexual revolution. I have been trying to write on this topic for a while, and Dr. Kreeft says what needs to be said so well, I thought I would simply share his lecture.

For certain topics, I find myself time and time again, going to catholic resources for information. I think there is a huge void in teaching on this subject, at least in my church experiences, regarding human sexuality. I think it is time the Church, mainly the non-Catholic Church, stopped being ashamed of the truth that we are created in the image of God. We have kept the implications of that truth quiet, while a revolution that in the end, dehumanizes the entire sexual experiences has become so out of control, that I fear our entire Western Civilization may be in jeopardy. I am not trying to use hyperbole, but as I consider my own heart, and the sexual baggage that my generation is carrying, I know this is a message that desperately needs to be at …