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On Jesus T-Shirts and Freedom of Religion

When I was a teenager, I felt great joy in writing slogans on torn up pillow cases, and pinning them to my black hoodie. It was a way to express myself and an attempt, albeit an awkward one, to integrate my religious and political views into my dress. Being a teenager is an awkward time in your life, you are not really sure who you are, yet you have ideas of who you would like to be. The result is a confusing mash up all of those ideas.

I understand wanting to wear a T-Shirt that expresses your religious views. If you haven't heard, a lot of conversation is happening regarding a student in Nova Scotia named William Swiminer, who was suspended for wearing a T-Shirt that read: "Life is wasted without Jesus."

When I was in high school I knew a girl who was suspended for wearing a hoodie that read on the front "Abortion is Homicide" and on the back a message about not silencing "our God." As some of you may remember, a lot of anger boiled up regarding that …