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Jesus the King

Sometimes when I consider the world that I was born into, I come to the conclusion that the riches of a Western life are actually a deep cavern of poverty of heart.

For starters, when I try to remind myself that I live like a sultan compared to the majority of the world, my mind begins to create all sorts of excuses. "But I only have basic cable. I hardly get to go out for nice dinners. I don't own an iPhone. My car is only a two door, and man, it's hard putting a child in the back seat of one of those things..."

It's incredible really, that I, as one of the worlds richest persons, can even turn the fact that I have entertainment at will, food in my fridge, an insane amount of communication at my finger tips, a car, and a family that is safe, into a complaint.

I just don't always get it.

The fact that I have clean running water from my tap should make me realize just how lucky I am. I mean, the water in my toilet is cleaner than the water that some people are…