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Lately I have been putting off blogging. Mainly due to the fact that my household has been invaded by a winter tradition known as influenza.

There are two things that I like to do when I am sick, play World of Warcraft, and sleep - unfortunately, since being a father and working a 6 day a week job makes the latter limited, I have been filling my time battling the Hour of Twilight. (OK, the nerdiness ends here.)

However, there has been another reason I haven't been blogging. I've tried several times, but each time I end up sounding like a big jerk for what I want to say. I've now decided that I don't care if I sound like a big jerk, because I need to get this out there....

If you have been following Canadian politics lately, you have no doubt been following the stories regarding an Orwellian change to the legal system and an interference in Canadian democracy.

Well, here goes... Are you ready for it?

I told you so.

It might actually surprise you that I consider myself c…