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Dear America,

There seems to be this rumour going around that I hate you guys. I would like to clear the air, and set the record straight.

If I had to be honest, there was a time in my life when an anti-American sentiment ran strong in my veins. And not just the friendly rivalry that comes during an olympic sporting event, but something much more. Sure, some Canadians define themselves in terms that are opposite to your idiosyncrasies, values and ways, and this seems to make us feel better, because it makes us feel different. In turn, we devalue one culture to uplift ourselves. As I grow older, the irony of this form of cultural egotism astonishes me - As Canadians, we have plenty of wonderful attributes which stand alone. Sometimes I think we have a complex, we are like that "cool" kid that likes to put down others to make sure that cool image never gets tainted.

Unfortunately, I have the propensity to wage cultural prejudice, and for that I am deeply sorry.

In college, a lecturer once asked us to shout out the first words that came to our minds when we thought of Americans. Well, you can image that not all of the words that came out were very friendly. After we had our say (of some nice things but mostly bad things) the lecturer revealed to us that he had married an American. It was also at this time that a fellow student, and person I had started to befriend explained that he was half American, and this was something that he felt deep shame and embarrassment over.

The truth of my own prejudice smacked me in the face that day...

A person should never be made to feel ashamed and embarrassed over the place in which they were born. This is a Canadian value we work so hard at, and seem to forget when the place of birth happens to be the United States.

The truth is, is that you have some wonderful values which have inspired the world.

The value that all men are created equal. The values of liberty and freedom, and a constitution which encourages that no man be censored and that power be limited to the will of the people. Your founders have had incredible insight into the dangers of this present age - dangers which plunder your freedom. You are the home of Martin Luther King Jr. - A warrior for human rights, and a hero to not only the marginalized blacks of America, but to anyone who has ever experienced social forms of oppression. When you get angry, you make it known, through movements like the Tea Party, and Occupy. This is something my country lacks - a certain passion to engage your elected leaders.

You need to understand that the world needs you more than anyone else - it needs you to be a beacon for human rights, as one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world, we will either die with you, or live alongside the dream of liberty your founding fathers had for you.

This is why we are concerned. This is why every American action is scrutinized.

Right now, something could happen in your country that hasn't happened since World War II. It's sad for me to see the great potential found in a man (please watch this video!) largely ignored by your media. I may not agree with everything Ron Paul says, but right now, foreign policy is, in my opinion, the single most important issue facing your country. It has been argued, that every president since World War II has been guilty of international war crimes, including the promised saviour, Barrack Obama. I urge you to ask yourself, is the world safer or more dangerous because of your governments international actions since the Second World War?

Some people criticize because of petty differences, but some people, like myself, see the propaganda machine starting up yet again and are worried. We too, are a nation who know of the pain of losing our precious soliders. We love you guys, we want to see you at your best - a prosperous free nation.

Never trade your freedom for security. Be critical of anyone who would rush your children off to war.

God bless you and your country,



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