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Thanks Bro.

I have a confession for you,

My first musical love was not all the wonderful alternative bands that we all grew up with. It wasn't the Ramones, or MxPx, or all the other punk bands I grew to love. It wasn't The Beatles, or the mighty Led Zeppelin, or Jimi Hendrix's intoxicating guitar playing.

The first type of music I remember thinking was the most amazing thing I had ever heard in my life, was straight up, old school Hip Hop. From the first time I snuck into my brothers room and listened to the Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill, from the first time I heard Onyx on MTV  I was hooked on Hip Hop. Yeah man, I was a little kid raised in the mean streets of Boston Ontario, listening to songs that I had no business listening too. Then I moved to the rough woods of Lombardy Ontario, and even when I had this view from my backyard I was falling in love with The Fugees. (I found that picture on google from the road we lived on for a few years... I still miss that house.)

No, I was …

Dear America,

There seems to be this rumour going around that I hate you guys. I would like to clear the air, and set the record straight.

If I had to be honest, there was a time in my life when an anti-American sentiment ran strong in my veins. And not just the friendly rivalry that comes during an olympic sporting event, but something much more. Sure, some Canadians define themselves in terms that are opposite to your idiosyncrasies, values and ways, and this seems to make us feel better, because it makes us feel different. In turn, we devalue one culture to uplift ourselves. As I grow older, the irony of this form of cultural egotism astonishes me - As Canadians, we have plenty of wonderful attributes which stand alone. Sometimes I think we have a complex, we are like that "cool" kid that likes to put down others to make sure that cool image never gets tainted.

Unfortunately, I have the propensity to wage cultural prejudice, and for that I am deeply sorry.

In college, a lecturer once a…

Dear Caterpillar, please go back to the pit where you came from.

If you are from London you no doubt have been following Caterpillars shameless lockout of their employees in one of their Electro-Motive factories. If you haven't, let me give you the low down...

"Hi, I'm Mr. Union worker. I've been working hard for Electro-Motive diesel, owned by Caterpillar Inc. We make diesel trains. I've been doing my job for years and years. A lot of my skills, while not trades per se, have been passed down to me from previous employees. You can imagine, that helping in the construction of building complicated diesel trains is a little bit harder than your average factory job. Regardless, I put long hard hours into my work and these trains, which take weeks to complete, and is something I can be proud of. We've worked hard to agree to wages which are fair. Sure there was a recession in 2008, but our company has come through it, the orders are rolling in, and we are working hard!"

Now lets look in on a secret executive meeting at Caterp…

Taking Ownership of Poverty

Jesus loved the poor.

You might notice that I talk a lot about Jesus. Depending on who you are, and where you come from, this will either make you disgusted or encouraged. For a lot of you, the name Jesus makes hurt or anger swell up inside of you. You may have come across some people called "Christians" who turned out to be major hypocrites. You may have married one who ended up abusing you. You may only know the name Jesus as something that shapes and manipulates a voting population of the most powerful nation on earth. You might have a snapshot of Jesus. You might unknowingly try to live by his golden rule. You might respect him as one of many spiritual leaders.

But let me tell you why Jesus is the most important person in my life, and why I end up talking about him a lot.

Jesus loved the poor. And when I mean he loved them, I mean, he singled them out while on this earth, and poured himself into them more than any other group of people on the planet.

Some of you might no…


I am becoming aware of the relationship between parenthood and time. This little creature, who is small in mass, but enormous in meaning, has created, like gravity, a force between my life now, and my life to come. Before I held my daughter, time seemed endless, something in the distant horizon - but it is now accelerating towards me at an alarming pace.

Six months might not seem like a long time to experience parenthood, but I assure you, the changing perspective that it creates is instantaneous. I am now charged with a very important task, a task that is overwhelming in its scope. I have to make sure I don't screw up - which unfortunately isn't a very easy task considering how screwed up I myself am. It's like every night I go to bed praying to God: "Ok God, please don't let me screw this up". God doesn't usually answer me when I talk to him, I usually hear this pretty strong voice that sounds really familiar pointing out every mistake I've made the …