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Merry Holidays... Happy Christmas... Wait... What?

It's no secret that I love Christmas. It seriously feels as though my entire year is one big countdown to December 25th. Even though our daughter was born in the middle of summer, we gave her a name that reminds us of one of our favorite holiday periods. Christmas is just amazing. I found out today that there is a huge chance we will have a green Christmas. I think green Christmases are a tragedy of the highest caliber. Man, when I wake up Christmas morning (usually around 5:45am), I want snow - not even a "light dusting" as some wish, I want snow. I'm talking so much snow that it's dangerous to drive to my family reunions. I'm talking, back breaking, snow shoveling, Santa barely made it to your house because of white out conditions snow. Almost nothing can ever stop me from loving it - not the old lady who rammed me with her shopping cart because I slowed down to talk to a Salvation Army kettle volunteer, not the shoppers who push and complain, not the endl…