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November Is Almost Over!

So November has pretty much been one of the worst months in a long time.

I will have to put my blog on Calvinism on hold for a little bit. I am working on it, but I feel it deserves much more careful thought.

Tomorrow is December, my favorite month of the year. With it comes the love of family, the joy of giving and the reminder that God arrived in the flesh for all of mankind.

God is amazing, even during this crappy month (quite literally, considering our basement got flooded with backed up sewer water!) I am reminded of the fact that God is good - my problems are minuscule compared to the suffering of a world without the love of God.

See you later November!

What's This All About?

I'm pretty sure I've been a Christian my entire life. I'm not really sure when I really became a Christian. I don't really remember making a decision to follow Jesus Christ in a single moment in time. I remember being taught things, understanding them to make sense in the sphere of human reality, and believing in them. As a teenager I was baptized, which is the closest thing I personally have to the start of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There has been tension within my faith ever since.

I know I am a human being. Now, that might seem very obvious to you (well, depending on how well you know me...) but to me, that is at the forefront of everything I understand about existence. Zarathustra's greatest crime wasn't an attempt on the life of God, it was an attempt on the existence of the human soul - that which makes all of us true human beings. The invisible quality of my existence is immaterial. I can never be persuaded that I do not exist, that is,…