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Please Stop Calling Dalton McGuinty A Liar!

Throughout this entire election I have heard countless political commentators, politicians, radio hosts, radio callers, family members, co-workers, employees, employers, customers, people in line for coffee, and pretty much every human being I have ever talked to, call Mr. Dalton McGuinty a liar.

I think this is horribly unfair! Dalton isn't a liar. No no no, that title certainly does not describe him....

Dalton McGuinty is a fraud. Let's get one thing straight, when a man rises to one of the most powerful positions in government, making decisions that have an effect of your health, wealth, and children's education, and you enter into an agreement with that man based on what he has sworn, by voting him into power, and he completely and unequivocally back tracks on what he has said he will do, or won't do - Then that man has committed an act of treason, a kind of the highest caliber.

The fact that we have come to expect (or perhaps ignore) the type of fraud is absolutely terrifying. The fact that the polls are predicting that this man will win over the majority of the voters, yet again, is staggering.

If Dalton McGuinty were a business owner who had entered into a contract with a customer, he would be sued.

If Dalton McGuinty were an employee, he would be fired.

If Dalton McGuinty was a person before a judge, he would be charged with perjury.

If Dalton McGuinty lived in the real world, with real consequences, and real expectations, he would be right at the bottom of the polls, and might get a vote or two from his Grandma, or wife. (Although, if Dalton McGuinty treats the trust of his marriage like he treats the trust of the electorate....)

And don't give me any of that nonsense about having the freedom to change your mind, or do what's best for the people. Listen Dalton, what's best for the people is doing what you said you would do. That's your job.

Maybe you aren't just a fraud however. Maybe you are a genius. Maybe you have tragically figured out that you can do whatever you would like, and get away with it. Am I the only one who feels like I'm living in the Twilight Zone? Is any of this making sense to you my humble readers?

I think maybe when it comes time to pay my taxes I might just lie about how much I make. Jail you say? Consequence you say? But, lying is now the Canadian way!

There are other options. Don't be fooled by the foxes who guilt you into thinking you only have two choices - losers and biggest loser. Take a stand. Vote for a party who actually cares about you, who want you to live a healthy life, and live it without the burden of bureaucracy or corporate and union influence. Ontario is one bad turn away from a train wreck. Do a quick history lesson, and you'll notice the past and present are full of Canadian fraudsters that go by the name of politicians.

It's time for something better.


Anonymous said…
And yet, the people reelected him with a -1 majority. WHAT'S wrong with this picture.

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