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I learned a very important lesson in high school from a very wise history teacher.

When the pendulum of politics stops moving, freedom is sacrificed, fear rules, and all human will is snuffed out.
I stopped blogging years ago - intentionally. The internet is the extension of the mass of congealed ego and self importance. It is the nature of human beings to place themselves at the centre of the universe, and the interent is essentially a controllable universe by an out of control generation. However small we have become in the mass of technology, our ego has grown exponentially in proportion.
In essence, I have very little to say that is of importance, and so do most people. We are out of control. We are but a speck on the fabric communication.
That is until, we allow the pendulum of politics to stop.

We then become something incredibly sinister and disgusting to the human pallet. We become impotent. The horror of allowing human beings to cease all motion is that we all become unif…