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Merry Holidays... Happy Christmas... Wait... What?

It's no secret that I love Christmas. It seriously feels as though my entire year is one big countdown to December 25th. Even though our daughter was born in the middle of summer, we gave her a name that reminds us of one of our favorite holiday periods. Christmas is just amazing. I found out today that there is a huge chance we will have a green Christmas. I think green Christmases are a tragedy of the highest caliber. Man, when I wake up Christmas morning (usually around 5:45am), I want snow - not even a "light dusting" as some wish, I want snow. I'm talking so much snow that it's dangerous to drive to my family reunions. I'm talking, back breaking, snow shoveling, Santa barely made it to your house because of white out conditions snow. Almost nothing can ever stop me from loving it - not the old lady who rammed me with her shopping cart because I slowed down to talk to a Salvation Army kettle volunteer, not the shoppers who push and complain, not the endl…

November Is Almost Over!

So November has pretty much been one of the worst months in a long time.

I will have to put my blog on Calvinism on hold for a little bit. I am working on it, but I feel it deserves much more careful thought.

Tomorrow is December, my favorite month of the year. With it comes the love of family, the joy of giving and the reminder that God arrived in the flesh for all of mankind.

God is amazing, even during this crappy month (quite literally, considering our basement got flooded with backed up sewer water!) I am reminded of the fact that God is good - my problems are minuscule compared to the suffering of a world without the love of God.

See you later November!

What's This All About?

I'm pretty sure I've been a Christian my entire life. I'm not really sure when I really became a Christian. I don't really remember making a decision to follow Jesus Christ in a single moment in time. I remember being taught things, understanding them to make sense in the sphere of human reality, and believing in them. As a teenager I was baptized, which is the closest thing I personally have to the start of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There has been tension within my faith ever since.

I know I am a human being. Now, that might seem very obvious to you (well, depending on how well you know me...) but to me, that is at the forefront of everything I understand about existence. Zarathustra's greatest crime wasn't an attempt on the life of God, it was an attempt on the existence of the human soul - that which makes all of us true human beings. The invisible quality of my existence is immaterial. I can never be persuaded that I do not exist, that is,…

Occupy Toronto???

As thousands of protesters arrived in Toronto today for Occupy Toronto, you might have asked yourself the questions: "What are we mad about?" After all, our banks didn't collapse, our taxation system doesn't have all those nasty unethical loopholes, and our unemployment isn't like theirs right?

I can think of a few reasons why this movement is important....
1. To show solidarity with a global community that has suffered at the hands of a small group of fraudsters. I would highly recommend watching the movie "Inside Job". When the majority are held hostage by a power structure designed to control, manipulate and exploit, our freedoms are chained, and our true opportunity squandered. Don't kid yourself. Our Canadian democracy is not truly representative, and although American corporate lobbyists essentially dictate economic policy in the US, our system is not entirely free of corporate influence from the right, and union influence from the left. We st…

Please Stop Calling Dalton McGuinty A Liar!

Throughout this entire election I have heard countless political commentators, politicians, radio hosts, radio callers, family members, co-workers, employees, employers, customers, people in line for coffee, and pretty much every human being I have ever talked to, call Mr. Dalton McGuinty a liar.

I think this is horribly unfair! Dalton isn't a liar. No no no, that title certainly does not describe him....

Dalton McGuinty is a fraud. Let's get one thing straight, when a man rises to one of the most powerful positions in government, making decisions that have an effect of your health, wealth, and children's education, and you enter into an agreement with that man based on what he has sworn, by voting him into power, and he completely and unequivocally back tracks on what he has said he will do, or won't do - Then that man has committed an act of treason, a kind of the highest caliber.

The fact that we have come to expect (or perhaps ignore) the type of fraud is absolute…

Stephen Harper: Bad For Democracy

Several days after the Conservatives won their majority government this election I lambasted the results as undemocratic and outdated. With facebook status updates I vented my frustration with the winner take all Canadian system, calling out the voters to be prepared for a Prime Minister that shows no consideration for the democratic process. With my family members being approached to see if I was "alright" by people who don't know me well enough to understand I (mostly) can separate politics from reality, not letting my at times, passionate political views interrupt my day to day life, I felt I needed a break from my minuscule public reach (you know, the handful of people who actually care about my thoughts). I also received emails putting the global perspective of democracy into view, and had to halt my social media sites and collect my thoughts.

There is something disturbing happening in this country. As many of you know, I try to spend massive amounts of my time and …

Human Rights Watch

Ottawa, Ontario:
As Stephen Harper pushes through his new crime bill, critics are claiming that it is a step in the wrong direction. The bill, according to Corrections Canada will almost double the costs of the current system from 1.6 Billion to 3 Billion dollars, and potentially see crime prevention programs slashed. In a country that is seeing our lowest crime rate since 1973, one must ask the question, is this necessary? While some of the aspects of the bill are reasonable, it will be vital for watchdogs to make sure this bill doesn't have a negative impact on a system which seems to be working. Some of the more troubling aspects of the bill are hard time for crimes usually committed by young people, and mandatory prison periods of six months for people owning six marijuana plants. While I do not condone the use of marijuana, it is clear that this part of the bill is completely at odds with the will of the public. It's subtle, but borderlines on an infringement of the righ…


I learned a very important lesson in high school from a very wise history teacher.

When the pendulum of politics stops moving, freedom is sacrificed, fear rules, and all human will is snuffed out.
I stopped blogging years ago - intentionally. The internet is the extension of the mass of congealed ego and self importance. It is the nature of human beings to place themselves at the centre of the universe, and the interent is essentially a controllable universe by an out of control generation. However small we have become in the mass of technology, our ego has grown exponentially in proportion.
In essence, I have very little to say that is of importance, and so do most people. We are out of control. We are but a speck on the fabric communication.
That is until, we allow the pendulum of politics to stop.

We then become something incredibly sinister and disgusting to the human pallet. We become impotent. The horror of allowing human beings to cease all motion is that we all become unif…